From the secret files of The Society...
by Brian Tarsis
Here I go again.

The dumbwaiter rises smoothly from the basement, and where it will stop, I have no idea. All I know is that when it does, there will be someone there waiting for me. Someone who will hurt me, make me scream and cry for their amusement, then use my helpless naked body to satiate their lusts.

Someone I don't even know.

The old Frawley Hotel down on 4th street has a permanent "no vacancy" sign out front. You won't find it in any tourist guidebook, and you won't be able to get a room here no matter how far ahead you try to book it.

The ancient edifice stands alone and forgotten, wedged between monolithic skyscrapers, an anachronistic relic from a bygone era. Only seven stories tall and quite narrow, each upper floor contains only one suite.

The Frawley is owned by The Society. Only members of that secret organization can stay here, and when they do, the hotel provides them with a slave.

That's where I come in. I'm one of several slaves, on call whenever a guest wants me. My name, in case it matters, is allison.

You can't imagine what it's like unless you've done it. To be stark naked, your arms in a leather sheath and a ballgag in your mouth, utterly helpless while the dumbwaiter takes you to meet a stranger who's going to hurt you and use you.

I'm so terrified my knees barely support me. My heart is pounding, my belly is doing flip-flops, my thighs are trembling... and my muffin is soaking wet.

When the dumbwaiter comes to a halt and the door opens, I'm hyperventilating and I can barely force myself to open my eyes. When I do I see a man... and a woman. This could be very bad. A man will only torture you until his lust reaches critical, then he fucks you and you're done. A woman has no such limit. Not only that, but some women can be unbelievably cruel to another woman, and this one has that look in her eyes...

"They sent us a skinny redheaded one," says the woman. "Shall I send it back?"

"Don't be hasty, Victoria," says the huge black man in a rumbling baritone. "Sure, it has no tits, but that's no reason to discard it. I think it will do just fine."

"Come over here, girl," says Victoria disdainfully. "Let's have a look at you."

She's curious about my flat chest, so unlike her own. She strokes and caresses it, then she begins fondling my nipples. They harden beneath her fingers, much to my embarrassment.

She pinches my nipple painfully hard, making me squeal and cringe. Excited by my reaction, she starts pinching, pulling and twisting both my nips cruelly, enjoying my pain.

Next she explores my helpless naked pussy, turning me so that her partner can watch from his chair. She is quick to point out that it's soaking wet, and I'm so humiliated that I blush as only a redhead can. It makes them both laugh at me, which only makes it worse.

She starts working her fingers around up inside my pussy, which makes me shudder and squirm. They like that.

Next thing I know, she's got a length of rope tight up between my hot, slippery lips, and starts sawing it back and forth. The sensation is indescribable! It scrapes agonizingly against my tender clit, the pain mixing with nearly unbearable pleasure. It's excruciating!

"What an undisciplined slut," Victoria comments at length. "The little bitch moans like a whore on a bedpost every time I touch its cunt. It really can't seem to help it!"

"Here," says the big black man, handing her a vibrator. "Stick this up it's hole. I'm enjoying the show!"

Victoria turns on the vibrator and shoves it straight up into me. I wail into my gag as the pleasure spreads through my loins. She laughs and starts fucking me with the thing.

I'm so hot I can't control my reactions, but I'm fully aware of how I must look, humping the damn vibrator and groaning like a dog in heat. I'm humiliated, and I blush right down to my tits, but I can't stop riding the thing. My arousal increases, and I pray that I don't cum for them, as well!

End of page one!

I'm currently still working on page two, so you'll have to wait to see what happens next. Sorry!

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